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Bioplastic from cotton fabric scraps

What is actually Ecovia about

Biodegradable polymer packaging from cotton fabric waste, which is generated in abundance and sold at a very cheap rate from the RMG industries of Bangladesh.

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 Apparel Bags

 Plain Shopping Bags

Folded Carrier Bags



Committed to Quality Products


Made from cotton Based Apparel wastages


Home and industrially compostable within 150 days


Made from plant based materials that finally returns to the soil

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Ready to save the Earth ?

with our unique technology, Ecovia aims to deliver the best product at the best price for your business while saving the earth.

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About Us


Ecovia as a company has been founded in 2020 in the heart of Bangladesh, Dhaka with the idea of replacing single-use plastic at a competitive price and help combat plastic pollution to preserve the balance of nature.


Our products are used in different instances, from the ready-made garments’ product packaging to shopping bags, with the idea to provide our customers with eco-friendly, bio-degradable and quality products.


We are on a mission to mitigate the on-going crisis of plastic pollution through providing eco-friendly alternatives. Our biodegradable and bio-compostable biopolymer packaging materials are solutions to soil and water contamination due to spreading of harmful microplastics.

Our Team

Ecovia Ltd. consists of 3 co-founders working together for over 2 years. The team is well-balanced comprising of members with expertise in technical know-how as well as great operations, market and business acumen.