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In the world of fashion, adopting a sustainable style means ditching the old plastic bags and opting for biodegradable ones to walk the eco-friendly runway. ​​Is your business in the garment sector? Contact us and discover how Ecovia can help you introduce circular economy in your practice.


To reduce their carbon footprint, logistics companies are embracing greener practices by transporting goods in biodegradable bags, ensuring they don’t just deliver packages but also a promise of environmental responsibility.


Supermarkets are seizing the opportunity to promote change in their aisles. By adopting biodegradable recycled plastic bags, they can help shoppers express their green intentions while leaving behind a lighter eco-footprint.


Retailers are not only packaging products but also demonstrating their commitment to environmentally friendly shopping practices. It’s about more than just sales; it’s about embracing a greener future at the checkout counter.


In agriculture, it’s time to embrace the shift toward greener solutions. These eco-friendly bags can help farmers transport their produce while sowing the seeds of sustainability.


Electronics companies are moving toward sustainability by incorporating biodegradable packaging. They’re not just transporting devices; they’re carrying the responsibility of a cleaner, greener future.